Protection against the sun for wood in indoor or outdoor applications

UVood® is like sunscreen for spruce and fir wood

This newly developed surface treatment does not merely cover the sur­face of the wood – Uvood® penetrates and binds to it. Ecologically innocuous agents then provide comprehensive protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

And the best part? No trace remains on the surface of the wood. The wood retains its smell and natural colour and feels just as though it was never treated.

State of the art research

This innovative treatment process was developed and patented by researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Tech­nology on behalf of Lehmann Holz­werk AG and Schilliger Holz AG. Tests simulating two years of weath­ering of wood treated with UVood® were extremely positive. Due to the composition of the active ingredi­ents, a long­term duration of effect is anticipated.

The UVood® – treatment…

  • protects untreated wood from UV radiation and stems the aging process
  • greatly reduces the yellowing and darkening of wood both indoors and outdoors, and slows down the natural greying of wood; the natural colour tone is largely retained
  • is ideal for rough or planed coniferous wood in indoor or outdoor applications
  • results in less stress on the wood than would occur if the wood remained untreated
  • is ecologically harmless and can be disposed of just like untreated wood
  • is applied multiple times to the surface of the wood, and then air­-dried
  • does not alter the smell or feel of the wood


Urbach Tower

The Urbach Tower is the world’s first structural application of a load-bearing timber construction in self-forming timber components.

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Where can UVood® be purchased?

The UVood® surface treatment is offered exclusively by Lehmann Holzwerk AG and Schilliger Holz AG. It is applied to the wood products by the two companies in their factories, using systems designed for this purpose. UVood® cannot be purchased directly and self-applied. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the companies’ respective contact persons.